Client Testimonials

Hi Barbara,
It is almost our one year anniversary of your beautiful creation of our water feature. We love it and are grateful to you for sharing your gifts with our world. We had a great fourth of July party and of course YOUR fountain is still the center of celebration, awe and beauty along with the garden which grows ever more mature. Know you are always welcome here and should you ever want to reference a very satisfied customer, we are here! - Peter & Ken

Barbara has a special talent to capture the spirit of the garden. Her creativity has transformed our garden into a true showplace! The interest added by her beautiful glass art has thrilled our guests with special "surprises" as they quietly walk the winding lanes of interest. We are so pleased! - Dan & Brenda

Hello Barbara,
My name is Julie. I am Jim's wife. You created the beautiful glass dahlia “Wheels” for the lab as a memorial to Jim. I saw the art piece a few weeks ago and was absolutely stunned by it. It is very beautiful! I love the way it is so colorful among the steel and glass lines in the staircase space. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful remembrance. I deeply appreciate the care you took in creating the piece.
Warmly, Julie

I invited Barbara to do an installation for a garden study tour I was hosting. The objective was to broaden the idea of what constitutes a garden, in other words to look beyond plants and hard landscaping and to perhaps consider art as a way of expressing individuality and giving a garden a soul. Placement was also a key factor so that the art would be shown off to best effect with the garden acting as a foil. She came on board straight away and we spent many a happy hour discussing ideas for the installations –the end result being an array of her work in a variety of settings. Individually the pieces were beautiful both in their craftsmanship, creativity and color, but as a whole they showcased the enormous talents that Barbara has spent many years perfecting. My garden has never looked more beautiful and all who experienced it that day left feeling they’d seen something really rather special! - Wendy

Barbara, The totem is absolutely perfect! It looks just perfect in the garden. I will send you photos soon. I am so excited about having something so beautiful and fun to enjoy. I just think you are the best at these glass pieces! Thanks again for all your hard work. - Mary

The flower waterfall has given us a quiet refuge where we can enjoy the sight and sound of water and glass flowers in our pond. This is the perfect creation for our garden and lifestyle. - Susan & Davin

Dear Barbara
I am speechless...Your packages arrived this morning and I can't stop looking at your beautiful sculptures! What wonderful work you do ...I am so proud to display your art in my garden!!!!!! - Marzena

Hi Barbara,
Wow......nuff said.....What a treat to once again open boxes that come from you. My pieces............are breathtaking. With the garden in full bloom right now and your glass art clustered together and nestled in between the flowers......I'm in heaven! Thank you Barbara. - Wendy

I have really enjoyed working with you, we love your creations, your customer service and communication! Thanks again! - Erin